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Winston McGill MD: Get Prostate Cancer CT Scan at 40, not 50

· Winston McGill MD,Dr Winston McGill,Dr Winston McGill MD

In a recent interview to TLC Newsletter, New Jersey based renowned urologist Winston McGill MD spoke about how our changing lifestyle and food habits are making our body prone to several cancerous diseases; and how each and every one of us should bring certain lifestyle changes to save ourselves and our families from these life-threatening ailments.


Winston McGill MD is a recently retired urologist with more than 30 years of medicine practice at his board-certified private clinic in Essex County, New Jersey. He has worked with many reputed medical institutions and is a respected member of various medical groups. Most notably, he is one of the founding members of the Urology Group of New Jersey (UGNJ) – which today is one of the largest urology practice programs in the Northern New Jersey region.


In the interview, Dr. Winston McGill, MD described many of his critical analysis of current state of medicine practice and changing lifestyle. He said that currently the recommended age for prostate cancer screening is 50 by the American Cancer Society; however, considering the changing lifestyle & food habits (which for the most part are going in a negative direction), people should go for a prostate cancer CT scan much earlier, at around the age of 40.


Dr. Winston McGill also noted that during his long medicine practice he has seen a larger number of cancer incidences in African Americans than other communities. Even after the retirement, Dr. McGill continues to put his efforts in the betterment of urology practice in the region through enhancement of tools and better care for patients through a multidisciplinary approach.

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